Provigil snorting

The legitimate purpose of administering Provigil is to relieve the patient from the sleepiness and create wakefulness. Provigil is used by people from all walks of life. College students use it for staying awake in the nights for following their studies. If taken as per prescription, Provigil may not have side effects. Yet, some people who are over ambitious or who have become dependent on this drug tend to use it without prescription, leading to abuse of the drug. When people become addict to it, they take more of Provigil orally, or cross that limit and snort it or going even beyond that, they have it injected. The reason for snorting or injecting is that the chemical substance of Provigil, namely modafinil, gets into the blood stream quickly to give faster results.

Snorting is a way of abusing Provigil. Prescribed Provigil should be taken only orally. Provigil being a stimulant of the Central Nervous System (CNS), produces feelings of euphoria, and people snort it for the 'high' it gives. Snorting Provigil is dangerous. It can lead to infections. Snorting Provigil increases the level of modafinil in the blood. Provigil has high potential of abuse. Therefore, illegitimate use of this controlled substance is prohibited. Using this drug inappropriately can cause harmful effects. The dosage of this medicine is to be taken as prescribed to avoid these effects. The main purpose of Provigil is to help people stay awake. This medicine is approved to treat excessive sleepiness caused by sleep apnea, narcolepsy and Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). SWSD occurs in people who change frequently between day and night shifts. Again, all the above patients should adopt only oral administration of this medicine and they should not try to snort for achieving quick results. Otherwise, they can only experience adverse effects.

There are many reasons for people to snort Provigil. As Provigil is a CNS stimulant, it is also snorted as the other CNS stimulants, taking Provigil into that list. As discussed above, Provigil produces feelings of euphoria like the other CNS stimulants. Another reason is that they snort Provigil for the 'high' it provides. CNS stimulants also give extra energy in people using them this way. Students feel this extra energy essential for them to stay awake during night hours to work hard with their studies. Some people snort CNS stimulants such as Provigil quite often for achieving weight loss. The CNS stimulants cause increase in metabolism and decrease in appetite, which result in weight loss.

Some people have wrong belief that snorting Provigil is safe. How an abusing act can become safe that too in the case of CNS stimulants? These people think that Provigil is not a 'street drug' and it is just a prescription medication. Among the people who abuse Provigil, some take very high doses. These doses are much higher than the normally prescribed doses. However, this does not mean that normal doses can be snorted or injected. Snorting or injecting Provigil is very harmful, irrespective of the doses. Direct entry of modafinil into the blood stream is enabled by snorting or injecting the drug. This also makes the drug more potent to act. Injecting or snorting Provigil can lead to infections as Provigil is not sterile.

When all the ill effects of snorting Provigil have been discussed, it is also the time for mentioning about your healthcare provider. If you need any help for rehabilitation from addiction or Provigil abuse including snorting, you can approach your doctor seeking help for dealing with the abuse. Your doctor may suggest other resources to tide over your difficulties. As prevention is better than cure, consulting the doctor before starting Provigil is always advisable.