Provigil precautions and warnings

Provigil helps a person with excessive sleepiness feeling to stay awake. Before you start consuming this drug, you need to enlighten yourself on the warnings and precautions about the drug. Provigil is not the right choice if the person suffers from any heart ailment or high blood pressure. Anyone allergic to the components of the drug also falls under the scope of warning and precautions. Therefore, it is suggested that you inform your doctor when prescription drugs or non-prescribed drugs like vitamin tablets or herbal medicines are taken.

You must consult your doctor if you suffer from liver diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis or failure of the liver. People with kidney problems like renal failure or heart problems or hypertension are also advised to consult a doctor before using this drug. Women who are breastfeeding or are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant should consume this drug only under the prescription of the doctor.

There are specific warning and precautions on the usage of Provigil. Steven-Johnson syndrome is one of the specific warnings that can threaten the life in rare cases. The indication of this syndrome is development of the rash on your skin. As it might be possible that the rash can lead to the Steven-Johnson syndrome, your doctor may advise you to stop the usage of the drug. The drug can sometimes be allergic to your body. Few allergic symptoms would be itching, wheezing or swelling of the lips or throat. Though this drug is meant for reducing the feeling of sleepiness, you must always take care while driving or handling machinery. Dependence on the drug may be felt for people consuming this drug. In such cases, they must consult their doctors immediately if the urge to overuse the drug is realized. If you start developing anxiety or any other psychological symptoms like hallucination or suicidal thoughts, then request your close ones to watch for those symptoms in you. Overdose of Provigil will have symptoms like nausea, vomiting and restlessness. So, the prescribed dosage of Provigil should always be consumed irrespective of the urge to take more. Provigil only works against day-time sleepiness. However, persons with sleep apnea should consult their doctor for correct usage of this drug. As with any other drug of its class, Provigil may also interact with certain other medicines. It suppresses the functioning of birth control pills, thereby increasing the risk of a women becoming pregnant. Persons with damaged liver or kidney must consult their doctor for the dosage as their body might not be able to handle the effect of Provigil. The effectiveness of Provigil is not completely understood when consumed by individuals drinking alcohol. In that case, either the consumption of alcohol must be stopped or reduced to the extent possible. Provigil is strictly not advised for pregnant women. It is considered as Category C drug as it is not safe to consume Provigil during pregnancy. However, the adverse effects of the drug on pregnant women are not completely explored. Women feeding breast milk are advised to stop using this drug as it is believed that Provigil is transmitted through the breast milk. It is important to know that HIV viruses pass through the breast milk. So women suffering from AIDS should refrain from breast feeding.

There are a number of cases where Provigil should not be consumed. But if one is aware of the precautions and warnings before using this drug, then right measures can be taken to mitigate the adverse effects of the drug. It does not always mean that all the warnings apply to you. So it is better that you consult your doctor before starting the medication with Provigil.