Provigil dosage

Provigil is the trade name of the drug having the chemical substance modafinil in it. It is an agent that promotes wakefulness. This medicine is prescribed for oral administration. The chemical compound modafinil is racemic. Modafinil is a crystalline powder of white to white-off color. This powder is insoluble in water. The Provigil tablets come in 100 mg or 200 mg of modafinil. This determines the dosage of the tablet. The other ingredients that Provigil contains are lactose, povidone, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate and pregelatinized starch. The dosage prescribed by doctors varies depending on several factors which include your age, other medical conditions you have and other drugs that you are currently taking. The dosage prescribed for you should not be changed unless your doctor advises to that effect.

The dosage of Provigil usually recommended for an approved use is 200 mg per day. People having sleep apnea or narcolepsy should take this tablet in the morning times. Generally, people who attend shift duties suffer sleep disorder. For them the dose should be consumed one hour before they commence the work in their shifts. For people having certain medical conditions such as liver diseases, a lower dose of Provigil which is 100 mg per day is recommended. The lower dosage is recommended for elderly people too. People having other medications which can interact with Provigil are advised to take a dose of 100 mg per day. The reason behind this is that the interaction of Provigil with certain drugs can reduce their effectiveness or can cause side effects. It is advisable to take Provigil with a full glass of water.

There are some more points which the users of Provigil may consider taking into their mind. Provigil can be taken together with food or without food. However, Provigil taken with food will not lose its effectiveness. The absorption of Provigil only may get delayed by about one hour. For some people, taking in the empty stomach may cause some discomfort in the stomach. If this happens to you, try out by combining Provigil with your food. If still problems occur, you can consult your physician. This medicine should be taken as prescribed, so that it works properly. Either changing the dose or missing the dose will only yield poor result. You should avoid taking improper doses. If you are not sure about the dosage you have to take, consult your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

You should not try to get Provigil without prescription as it is illegal. In case you obtain this drug without prescription and use it, it can cause potential danger to you. Selling your Provigil to someone else or giving it to somebody for use is also illegal, as this drug is a controlled substance. There are also strict rules for prescribing this drug. There is no generic form of Provigil sold in the United States.

You should store Provigil in the container it came in. You should close the container tightly. It should be kept out of the reach of children. You can keep it at room temperature. It should not be exposed to excessive heat or moisture. If you have missed a dose or Provigil, you can take it as soon as you remember. If you have missed it until the next day, you should skip it and follow your regular schedule. Do not consume a double dose. If you are on some other medication(s), taking Provigil without consulting your doctor may be harmful due to its side effects. You can take Provigil when you are on contraceptives, but it can affect hormonal processes related to birth control and pregnancy can occur.