Provigil abuse

Provigil is a controlled substance. This implies that it possesses the potential for abuse. Abusing it and getting addicted to it cause potential dangers. Being a CNS stimulant, Provigil can cause feelings of euphoria. People having euphoria abuse it for the reason that it provides 'high'. However, addiction or abuse of Provigil leads to disastrous conditions. If your frequency of use of Provigil increases or if you start using the drug for illegitimate purpose, it indicates that you are getting addicted to it, and so, you have to seek medical attention as early as possible. The main purpose of prescribing Provigil is to help the patients stay awake. Provigil has been approved only for treating people with excessive sleepiness, which can be due to narcolepsy, sleep apnea or Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). SWSD can occur to people working in the night shifts or if they change between night and day shifts frequently.

While on the subject, studies carried out in animals show that Provigil may be abused. In the tests with monkeys accustomed to cocaine, it was observed that they gave themselves Provigil whenever they got opportunities. This indicates that Provigil has a reinforcing effect, which means that Provigil provides effects which encourage its repeated use. Prior to giving approval to any medicine, studies are carried out to see if that medicine has the potential of abuse. In the case of animals there are clear indications that Provigil has the potential to be abused. Studies with this drug were done in humans having a history of drug abuse. These studies suggested that Provigil caused effects such as euphoria, like methylphenidate, which is known as Ritalin, a stimulant usually abused.

The drugs that can be abused can cause withdrawal symptoms if discontinued. In the studies carried out with Provigil, notable withdrawal symptoms were not there. However, these studies were done in people who were taking Provigil appropriately for genuine medical reasons. Therefore the chances of withdrawal effects are not ruled out with people consuming this drug inappropriately. This controlled substance should not be taken without prescription. Sadly, this medicine is available without prescription also. However, it is illegal to buy when not prescribed. It is also illegal if it is sold without prescription. Giving your Provigil to others is illegal. These many restrictions naturally give a stress that Provigil should be used cautiously and for legitimate purposes only.

Snorting Provigil also paves the way for abuse of this drug. Snorting Provigil can lead to infections. It can cause high levels of Provigil in the blood. Briefly, it is dangerous. Provigil is meant for oral administration. There are no studies on the safety of snorting Provigil. However, snorting Provigil is likely to be more harmful than taking it orally. The reasons for snorting Provigil are many. Provigil has the property of stimulating the central nervous system (CNS). People snort Provigil for the 'high' it provides. People who need extra energy snort Provigil. We can cite students as an example, requiring stimulants to stay awake throughout night. Some people snort stimulants for achieving weight loss. Stimulants increase metabolism and decrease appetite, resulting in weight loss. The same characteristic can contribute for boosting the energy level too. Snorting gives quick results due to quick entry of the stimulant into the blood stream.

Specific rules and regulations are there for use of controlled substances. They mention of special procedures for prescribing these drugs. A business selling a controlled substance without prescription obviously operates without ethical standards. Therefore, your physician is the most important person for you, as he/she can provide you help for dealing with Provigil abuse, but you have to be transparent to him/her and be honest about your problems with Provigil.